Carlene O'Garro

Delectable Desires Pastries

Carlene O'Garro is Boston born and raised. After college, she opted for an office job but was frustrated that she wasn't building anything for herself that would ultimately be hers for the long term. She listened to her inner voice saying “do what you love” and enrolled in the newly created Pastry Chef program at the Cambridge School of Culinary Education.

After graduating, she wanted to make the jump to full business ownership but lacked the credit for a conventional bank loan. Like many small business owners, she turned to high interest credit cards to finance her endeavor and soon found herself taking on more debt than her business could support. That’s when Carlene turned to the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program and Accion.

Working side by side with a loan officer specifically trained in meeting the unique needs of food and beverage businesses, Carlene secured capital from Accion and, over time, improved her credit and financial practices. For years, Delectable Desires Pastries ran out of a local kitchen incubator as Carlene delivered fresh baked pastries to cafés, inns and hotels and baked cakes, pies and other specialty desserts for local grocery stores and private clients throughout Greater Boston. But never losing sight of her long term goal, Carlene now has a storefront she could call her own. Today, Carlene is cranking out sweet treats at Delectable Desires’ new shop in Boston’s West Roxbury neighborhood just a few miles from where Carlene grew up… a place she can finally call her own.

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