Access to Capital

We know that getting access to working capital can be a significant challenge for small food and beverage businesses. Through our lending partner, Accion, we offer a range of loan products and expertise that enable business owners to hire, upgrade equipment, renovate or secure a larger space, buy more inventory and lay the foundation for continued growth.

Do you qualify for a loan through the Brewing the American Dream program?

Here are the basic requirements small business owners need to meet to qualify for a loan through Accion:

  • Minimum FICO credit score of 500-630*
  • No active bankruptcy, mortgage modifications, foreclosure, tax liens/judgments without payment plan
  • No slow pay on business and personal rent payments, credit payments, etc. 
  • Ability to repay loans either through income or profitable business (collateral or co-signer may be required)
  • Business does not involve real estate development, nonprofit organization, exporting, multi-level marketing, lending, or adult entertainment

*Factors may change according to region. Additional factors may apply.

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